Happy Campers !

School shoe shopping. Guaranteed to suck the will to live out of the most enthusiastic of parents. The will to live, and also the cash. I was granted something of a reprieve this summer: both Polly and Will had new school shoes in May, and they have miraculously managed to stay the same size over the summer! They’re a bit scuffed -shoes not kids- but they are not going to crush their (already quite massive) feet. We may make it to half term. With only the new starter to buy school shoes for, I got itchy feet. And look what I found:


Polly may not have outgrown her school shoes, but she has grown out of her crocs, flip flops AND her converse. So there was a need for some new shoes. (I basically need to justify buying the kids nicer shoes than I have.) They’re from Schuh. I think these junior campers are the just the coolest. Beautifully and sturdily made, with no laces but loads of support. Schuh offer free standard delivery and easy-peasy returns, if you want to buy online. And these babies are sale items! (The shoes, not my children, clearly!)
Rich already owns the adult version of Will’s new campers, and I’ve had my eye on the grown up versions of Polly’s for a while. I sense a weird matchy-matchy shoe thing about to happen..



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