Challenge what the future holds…


A great word, although not always meant as a compliment. Sometimes people use it to mean vague and irrational.

Quite a lot of people I follow on Twitter describe themselves as dreamers, in a creative way. Which is lovely.

I love dreamers. I love people who are not so deeply rooted in reality that they have the freedom to imagine how things could be different. Better.

For others, for themselves, for everyone. The ability to imagine a better world is a powerful thing. But it’s even more powerful if you do something about it. People who not only can imagine how things could be different, but also make it their work to help make that change happen, those are the people with super powers.

I used to think that you automatically got more cycnical as you got older. Wiser, therefore less hopeful. Youthful optimism is, afterall, youthful.

But what if you don’t grow out of your dreams, but grow into them? I think that, if anything, growing older and wiser means holding on to your dreams, not letting them go, but with a more urgent need to see them fulfilled. Or even just to see yourself start work on them.

I don’t think I have ever quoted Des’Ree before (she of the excellent most/toast rhyming couplet) – but I’ve had the lyrics to ‘You Gotta Be’ stuck in my head today, and they are not wrong.

Listen as your day unfolds, challenge what the future holds
Try and keep your head up to the sky…

I can’t stand looking at the word ‘gotta’, frankly, but she does have a point.

Challenge what the future holds. You have got to be bad,(ish) bold, and wiser.

We tell children to dream big, all the time. We tell them to strive for what they want, to believe they can do anything they set their minds to; we tell them the sky is the limit (well, only if you speak in management cliches to your kids, which would be weird.) But we do encourage them to think big, dream big, aim high.

What about grown ups? Maybe we should all wear our dreams on our sleeves a bit more. The things we dream of, they get more realistic anyway. Life, and experience will colour them in a little, and shape them differently, That’s not wrong, it’s good. Dreams can grow and change too. Maybe we should stop describing ourselves as dreamers and talk about what our dreams really are, and how we are going to make them happen.



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