The art of telling people they’re ACE.

Do you have friends who are brilliant?

Do you tell them they are brilliant?

I don’t tell mine, but I should. I’ve got friends who are completely, show-stoppingly, freaking awesome, not that I’d ever tell them that. So recently I came over all un-British and decided to embark on a campaign of telling people who are ace that I think they are ace. I have done this in the past, but usually after a glass or 4 of wine, which dilutes the sincerity somewhat.

I found myself increasingly involved in conversations where a group of us would mutter in hushed tones that so-and-so was amazing, or that something they were doing was incredible, and do you know what – they just didn’t know how utterly amazing they are.

Funny that – seeing as no one was going to tell them.

Because we’re very good – as a nation of polite and slightly stand-offish people – of indulging in glowing references of our friends, but then in their actual company, just wussing out and talking about what’s going down on Twitter (that might just be my conversations, come to think of it.)

But lately, I have come to the conclusion that there are people who probably don’t know how great I think they are, and hell – I’m just going to tell them. Whether they like it or not.

It’s the drunken ‘I LOVE YOU man!! – I really love you, I DEFINITELY love you!’ outpourings of emotion for people who have given up drinking too much too often.

There is probably a delicate art of telling someone you think they’re amazing, without causing them to shrivel with embarrassment or suffer an attack of pomposity, but frankly, who has the time to learn a whole new art just because your friend just so happens to be particularly ace ? Not me.

Prepare yourselves, friends.



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