The Science of Christmas

THIS is ace.

It was made by GoldieBlox – designers of a set of interactive books and games aiming to get girls involved in engineering. Their CEO, Debbie Sterling studied engineering at Stamford, and set up GoldieBlox to start to try and counter the culture that had led to the tiny percentage of female students on her course. (Just 11% of all engineers are women. Yikes.)

Having been alerted to this (and it is definitely the best advert I have seen in ages, possibly ever…) I felt the need to write my first Christmassy blog of the season.

If you don’t want your girls (or, indeed boys!) to end up with a load of pink tat this Christmas, here are a few ideas.

This is another cool Lottie doll. (I love Lottie. A lot. Probably a bit too much.) But this doll was inspired by female robotics experts Erin Kennedy and Kathy Ceceri. (And yes, I know it could be a bit disappointing that she has glasses, just so that you know she’s a scientist, but hey – loads of people wear glasses now, just to be cool. People even wear slightly baffling pretend glasses. So glasses are not the nerd-fest they once were. Or at least now everyone wants in on the nerd-fest!)

Lottie robot

You can learn more about Erin Kennedy and Kathy Ceceri on the information on the Lottie Girl packaging, and there is an accessory kit you can get with a Busy Lizzie robot to make! I should just add that Pirate Queen Lottie is another of my favourites:

pirate queen lottie doll 1

But back on the science theme, my good friend Rachael found this brilliant idea for a present: it’s a science kit you can make up yourself, with a handbook that you can print out yourself.



And finally, if like me, you grew up to the strains of pretend records on a plastic turntable, how about one of these:

Fisher Price

image from:

Fisher Price has re-issues their classic toy designs, and they are all great. Lo-fi, mechanical, and with a hint of nostalgia for the parents. You can buy this from this great website, which is just jam-packed with loveliness.

The camera is amazing too:


Girls deserve better than pink princess tat all the time (as my youngest daughter will tell me, there is a place for pink princessyness in her life) but there’s also a lot of room for science, inventiveness, engineering and thinking too.


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