Stocking up: Love Keep Create do Christmas!

This one is for all those people like me, people who have trouble getting rid of baby clothes, but don’t have a large annexe available for storing the piles of them that it seems impossible to give/throw away.

I’ve written about the brilliant Love Keep Create before here, but hey – they just keep coming up with good ideas, so they’re more than deserving of a repeat mention!

Christmas clothing, and outfits that your kids have worn on Christmases past are a lovely thing to keep, but they tend to be one-trick-pony-type outfits. It would be rare to see a young chap toddling about in July proudly wearing a My First Christmas jumper. (Although, technically, until they can read, you can get away with quite a lot, wording-wise.)

If you, like me, have held on to those My First Christmas tops/babygros/bibs/outfits unsure quite of what to actually do with them past January 1st of your babies’ first Christmas, then this is a great plan. Dig out those Christmas pudding-stained tops from the loft. give them a wash and send them to the wonderful people at Love Keep Create. They’ll make them into the loveliest stocking for your child!


So you can keep them, and enjoy them long after you’ve been able to squish a 3-6m top over your childs’ head, without having to stash them in a bin bag in the loft. And that makes me happy.

You can see how to order the Christmas stockings here. You need to order by 21st November if you’d like them for this Christmas. They also do gift vouchers, so if someone you know would love to have a stocking, or another keepsake item made from baby clothes, that also makes a great present.

Ummm, yes, this is a Christmas-themed blog in not-quite-November. Although I am very much of the same view as Love Keep Create on this one: I am a disorganised but huge Christmas fan! In fact, this year might be the year I get it together and finally make the Mary Berry Christmas Cake Kit that has been sitting on top of our fridge for THREE YEARS. (I have actually broken into it and used the icing kit for another cake project, but every time I look at the packet I feel Mary’s eyes judging me. This year, Mary! I promise!)


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