On egg disasters and brilliant cake.

Tilly and her tub of blackberries.

Tilly and her tub of blackberries.

I’m not usually very evangelical about baking, but I feel moved to share my marvellous using-up-of-blackberry-stash recipe find, incase it is helpful to anyone, who like us, has a fridge full of margarine tubs of enthusiastically-picked berries and is in need of some inspiration. The children have really taken to foraging this year, which is great, but they completely dissed the blackberry muffins I made for them, and they don’t like blackberry jam either!

A while ago (here) I mentioned this Hugh F-W recipe for raspberry almond streusel cake. (I think you can guess where I might be going with this.) The original is delicious, but then again, so is the BLACKBERRY version. In a flash of inspiration, I replaced 200g of raspberries with 200g blackberries. This is not exactly rocket science, but it does result in AMAZING CAKE. Which is always a bonus.


Blackberry Cake (and my be-jewelled cake slice!)

Incase you are thinking that I didn’t really put much effort into this post, I’ll have you know that a mis-timed purchase of a box of eggs – just before I had to escort 3 children, 3 scooters and a gazillion bags/lunchboxes/flasks home from school – resulted in the dropping of the shopping bag containing said eggs. Yeah. Omelette in a carrier bag. So in order to retrieve the 4 unbroken ones, I had to put my hands into a carrier bag full of raw egg. Delightful. Perhaps it might be considered theraputic – a bit like a mud bath for the hands. It might, actually, be to the 2010’s what swimming with dolphins was to the 1990s. But less expensive. And less traumatic for dolphins.

So in summary, I suggest that those with blackberries to spare try the cake. You won’t regret it! Just don’t do the egg-bag thing.


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