Poetry Monday: One Another’s Light

I found this poem by Brian Patten whilst I was looking for another one – but I really like this. About, I think, how occasionally you will meet someone who will change your life a little. Perhaps because of getting to know them you go off in a different direction, or maybe they change the way you see things. Either way, it’s not often that you meet people like that – they’re pretty special and certainly worth celebrating for this (rainy, dull) Poetry Monday.

One Another’s Light
I do not know what brought me here
Away from where I’ve hardly ever been and now
Am never likely to go again.

Faces are lost, and places passed
At which I could have stopped,
And stopping, been glad enough.

Some faces left a mark,
And I on them might have wrought
Some kind of charm or spell
To make their futures work,

But it’s hard to guess
How one person on another
Works an influence.
We pass, and lit briefly by one another’s light
Hope the way we go is right.

Brian Patten.


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