With the summer holidays approaching, and weeks of hardcore child- entertainment looming (and I mean looming in a nice way. A bit.) I decided I needed a bit if me-time, to prepare. If I was a spa kind of person, I might have gone spa-ing, but it involves rather too much sitting still and being pampered for my liking. I am not averse to either, although still too close to the nappy stage of motherhood not to chortle slightly at the phrase ‘pampered’, but with time to myself in short supply at the mo, I decided to hang out in the Big Smoke for a day.
I love London. I love the busy, frenetic insanity of it. I love the fact that it feels like ideas and new stuff is just bubbling under the surface of everything, everywhere. I like its anonymity and its bigness. I met up with some lovely friends and had non-child-related conversations! I finished a drink in a café. I didn’t once have to evaluate the contents of a kids’ lunchbox deal. No one needed the loo at an irritating moment, necessitating an emergency exit. I read 50 pages of a novel on the train; there was no need to bring a sticker book. In short: a good day out!

And I went to the Moomin shop. Which was nice. And Covent Garden market, where, sandwiched between a string quartet (one quarter was actually a flute, but a quartet, anyway,) and a guy with a guitar singing U2 songs better than Bono, I found some Cool Stuff. Which always tops off a good London trip.


Handmade dresses at Covent Garden Market.




Neal’s Yard.


Regent’s Street, pedestrianised – MUCH nicer. Music, dance, fruit stalls replaced the traffic.


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