Scooter Aid!

There are three products that I own that I can say have truly changed my life, and one of those isn’t even mine.

Number one: Panasonic breadmaker. Makes Polly’s PKU bread from scratch at least three times a week without fail. 2 mins prep, 1hour55 mins baking time: perfect bread.

Number two: my iphone. I just love it. And I haven’t washed it yet, so the camera is still good – which means I’ve taken loads more photos of the kids and the occasional one of my dinner – sorry – than I ever would have done without it. Whether the kids will thank me in years to come is another matter. And I use it for email, facebook, twitter, occasionally as an actual phone…

Number three: Mini Micro Scooters. Seriously. Polly pretty much refused to go in the buggy from when she was about 19 months. She just wanted to walk, which is to be encouraged. But MAN did it take a long time to get anywhere. I had seen older kids on two wheeled scooters, but she was too little for them. And they were really noisy. Clattery. It was a sound that I did not feel I could walk alongside without going slightly mad. By the time she was two and a half, I was really bored of the buggy argument and it taking half an hour to walk to the park. So I googled ‘three wheeler scooters’ – inspired by the chunky scooters she loved at preschool. But instead, I found mini micro scooters. And they have quite literally changed my life.


Will’s new joystick Maxi Micro and matching helmet. Ace!


Scootering back from ballet in no time!

We now own three; two maxi micros and a mini. They are easy-peasy to get the hang of, smooth, quiet, safe and you can get loads of spare parts for them. Two of ours’ have had replacement boards and brakes; we’ve got new handlebar covers to replace a pair that split. This means that you can repair them instead of having to buy a whole new scooter every time something goes. They are used almost every day, and they are loved. You can fold them down, and they are light enough to carry on return journeys if they decide not to scoot. I’ve made ribbon-streamers for handlebars; you can buy many, many accessories for them. They were just so liberating. The school run is actually fun for a two year old on a scooter, as is a trip to the shop top buy milk. And it means that small children can travel at (sometimes alarming) speed.

I would always recommend them to other parents – they may not be the cheapest scooter, but they are definitely the best.

And now mini micro have done something incredibly lovely. It’s called Scooter Aid, and it means that you can send them your old scooter, and they will refurbish it, make it safe, and give it to a child in need; either in Africa, India or the UK.

Just brilliant, right? Read more about the scheme here – you can also print out a FREE OF CHARGE return label, to post the scooter back to MiniMicro HQ.

scooter aid1

Scooter aid: giving the gift of mini micro to children around the world!

scooter aid 2



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