Milestone Postcards

Junior magazine is a total treat to read – really beautifully designed and the photography and articles are fantastic. It’s very aspirational – for that read ‘most things are beautiful but eye-wateringly expensive’- but the latest edition features some brilliant products that they looked at for their prestigious Design Awards. And some of them are pretty affordable. I featured the Little Bird range yesterday – next in my mini-blog series is something else REALLY COOL, and relatively inexpensive. Hurrah! (I promise to revert to waffling and long-winded blog posts very soon!)

These are milestone postcards: the idea is that you can photograph your baby with one on the relevant Big Day – and then write the date (and perhaps location) on each card, so you end up with a lovely -and let’s face it, relatively easy to create- baby record. It certainly beats a lot of those naff baby books that lie around for ages with their guilt-inducing unfilled dotted lines on multiple pages…

They are available to buy here, for £12.99 and the pack contains 30 beautifully designed cards. I think they would make a perfect congratulations on your new baby present.

And also: who knew there were 30 milestones?!



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