Little Bird


When Polly was very little, I read this book. It’s a lovely book, and very sweet. You would have to try very hard indeed to not like Jools Oliver – she is really honest and quite funny and not at all star-struck by the world of fame that her husband was getting into when she was writing this. In fact a lot of the fame stuff really irritated her. She just wants to be a good mum. (I’m sure she is.) She’s also probably very friendly and lovely and insanely good looking. I didn’t say that it might be quite easy to find the book irritating and ever so slightly soul-destroying.

In the book she talks a lot about her favourite styles of childrens’ clothing. Like me she had a bit of a thing for re-using clothing, and loved putting her children in clothing that she used to wear. She likes retro-style designs and bright colours, soft cotton and stripes. Uncanny!

She’s recently designed another collection for Mothercare. And obviously, (although slightly irritatingly) it’s really, really beautiful. And at the moment it is on a ‘buy one, get one half price’ deal. Oh, and it has just been shortlisted for the prestigious Junior Magazine Award for best boys high street clothing. (Not to be sniffed at. Junior Magazine knows its stuff when it comes to good design.) It’s bright, colourful, lots of bits are unisex (very little pink!) The collection has a really late 70’s, early 80’s Clothkits-esque feel to it; retro without being too precious about it. I love the entire collection.

Here are my favourites:


Red Raincoat


Yellow Sweatshirt

And for the girls….


Nautical print Sundress


Red shoes

Oh, and the whole range is really affordable too, as it is in Mothercare rather than, say, Harrods. The only slight fly in the ointment is….none of my children are small enough to actually wear the clothes!!

I have ordered a t-shirt, just to see if I can squish Tilly into one…you have to try these things. Anyone with a smaller child – you should take a look. It is basically your duty, on my behalf, or something…

ImageImageImageImageImageon the beach


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