Goody two-shoes.

Now that the Spring snow has finally melted, perhaps you fancy buying the kids a new pair of shoes for the summer. Have their flip-flops flopped? Have last years’ crocs floated out to sea? (Polly’s did, a few years ago in Norfolk! She thinks they might be homes for sea turtles somewhere now.) Here are two cool ways that you can buy new shoes at the same time as donating to charity. I do so love shoe shopping efficiently.

Sometimes it is hard to remember a time before crocs. But before the rubber-clog-domination years, there were jelly shoes. (Not actual jelly shoes, although possibly there is a gap in the clown-shoe market if anyone is interested.)

jelly shoes

Pink sparkly jelly shoes.


Blue Jelly. Blueberry?

Well, they are BACK. Juju, the makers of the original jelly shoes, have announced the launch of project jelly – in association with learning disability charity Mencap. Two new styles, Watermelon Red and Raspberry Mivvi (pink and sparkly, if you need to ask,) will go on sale at the end of April and in independent stores such as Olive Loves Alfie. You can pre-order on the project jelly website if you are as excited as I am. A massive 25% of profits go to Mencap, so you can not only give your children the gift of jelly shoes (well, in terms of 80s fashion gifts to bestow, this beats the perm, the neon mini and stonewashed denim hands down, right?) but you can donate to the charity that is the ‘voice of learning disability’.

For the little chaps:  Toms is a footwear brand with a different approach to consumerism. For every pair of Toms you buy; Toms gives a pair of shoes to a child in need. One for one, is their philosophy.  Read more about their giving policy here.

Toms one for one

Toms ‘one for one’ policy in action

And, as I discovered recently, they also do shoes for children. And babies. The kind of baby shoes that are so cute, that if you see a pair, you want to buy them, even if you don’t even own a baby. They are just…tiny shoes. Which is cute. There is no sensible reasoning here.

Toms Giraffes

Giraffe print Toms. Walk tall.

Toms shoes kids

No giraffes were harmed, presumably.

Toms kids

Fashion feet


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