So, I did it. I managed to run 5k dressed as Where’s Wally. In the snow. It was ace, obviously, how could running with a lot (a couple of  thousand? ish?) of other people dressed in exactly the same costume through a park be anything other? But is was very VERY cold. I’m very grateful for the people who helped me to raise a massive £184 – which I am going to make up to £200 – for The National Literacy Trust

I did manage to get a few shots of me looking like a total wally, although there was a slight issue with everyone being too cold to hold/use cameras and phones before the race! Also I had put my spare socks over my hands for extra protection.

I actually loved the glasses. I may take to wearing them as a regular thing. 








Cool medal, hey? 

I ran it in 26.5 mins. I’m quite pleased with that, especially as my training schedule was….poor, shall we say. Here’s a breakdown of my race.

1 min: ok, just try not to trip over your own feet, Smith.

2min: try not to trip over that man, either.

4min: ohmygodihaterunning.

5min: I can’t feel my face at all. It’s so cold my face has frozen. And my hands.

6 min: ouch. I am really unfit.

8 min: Ooh, that girl has lovely trainers!

9 min: That 8 year old just overtook me. Damn him.

12 min ohmygodihaterunning

14 min: It’s a really good cause though. Think of all the money you’re raising.

15 min: ohmygodihaterunning. Is that my old science teacher??

15.5 min: No. 

18 min: If the lady with the massive buggy overtakes me, that’s really not good.

18.5 min: Damn that lady and her massive buggy. And her fast fast legs.

20 min: Can 5k kill you?

22 min: ohmygodihaterunning

24 min: I can feel my face! 

26 min: If I die now, I die in a bobble hat and pretend glasses. That’s kind of something….right?

26.5 min: YESSSSS!! but how are my fingers STILL numb?

Thank you for all your support, words of encouragement and money. It’s such a great cause, thank you so much for being so generous. AND: I have discovered that there’s a superhero 5/10k race in May – costume included in registration fee. Who’s in???






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