It is the U.N day of happiness today – they want countries to focus in how happy their citizens are as well as concentrating on how to get their economies back on track. I really like the idea of any sort of happiness day, especially as it is uber-gloomy outside, despite the fact that it is officially SPRING TIME now. Seriously, Spring get a shift on. I am sick of cold grey gloom.


train+puddle=happy boy

Happiness is a great thing, when it is around. (It’s not always.) I think I used to confuse happiness with joy. Joy is fleeting, happiness is a bit of a slow-burner. Joy -real joy- is great;  ecstatic and  brilliant, but I tend to think now that happiness on an everyday level equates to something more like contentment. Acceptance.

Here’s Polly, a week after her first birthday, snuggled up with bunny (looking rather healthy before he lost all the stuffing and some of the fur through being loved.) Totally content, and very happy.


Happy Polly and Bunny

Here are seven things that make me really happy.

Wearing brand-new socks. All soft and snug with fully functional lycra content. No toes peeking through or worn heels. Bliss for your toes.

A peaceful cup of tea. Or coffee. Just uninterrupted, and not one that you made twnety mins ago and have only just got round to drinking. This is one luxury that having children has taught me to appreciate.

Laughing in general; I love laughing that borders on mild hysteria. But also: that sort of laughing where you know you shouldn’t be laughing, but you catch someones’ eye at the wrong moment and have to do that sort of internal giggle that you can only keep up for so long before you  guffaw really loudly and draw unwanted attention to yourself. I love that too. I call it ‘Assembly Giggles.’

Watching You’ve been Framed with children. This is one of my new favourite past-times. They quite literally roar with laughter, even if they haven’t understood the clip. And they are not cynical yet, so they don’t question why anyone was filming a man stood innocently by a table in the first place, or why most of the clips are bad camcorder tapes from the early 1990s. They just laugh.

A neat & tidy airing cupboard. Sometimes when I have just sorted ours’ out, I just open the door and gaze upon the piles of neatly folded sheets and towels. Beautiful. Bit weird? Hey ho.

New stationery. Sharp pencils, clean notebooks, all ready for idea-sorting, plan-hatching, to-do lists and random ‘I’ve been daydreaming for 5 minutes’ doodles.

Listening to music (I never said this list was rocket science.) Today I’ve been listening/doing the dusting/writing to a soundtrack of Katrina and the Waves, The Darkness,  R.E.M – shiny happy people was MADE for today, the XX (just cos,) and a Savage Garden. If you’re not too cool (or too offended by tight white flares on men) to listen to Savage Garden, then check out this track. Affirmation. Makes me smile every time.

Oh, and I agree that God probably does not endorse TV Evangelists. Some other interesting statements in there too. ..

Have a happy happiness day everyone. Or, at least, you know, have a nice cup of tea or sharpen a pencil. Honestly, it’s brilliant!



One thought on “Happiness

  1. Getting your latest blog makes me happy! Definitely with you on the watching “you’ve been framed” with kids; side-aching laughs with my girls, that, and watching Total Wipeout, especially watching people bouncing off those big red balls…or watching the brilliant Phineas and Ferb (my new best kids TV programme ever!!). Happy happiness day, Kirst xx

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