Spring – and the danger of OD-ing on nice ideas


New blog look. Right? It’s like going into someone’s living room and noticing new wallpaper. It’s a bit shocking initially, and you wonder if they might have gone a bit loopy, but you’ll get used to it eventually.

It is very cold right now. Winter feels like it’s been here forever. Ice skating and Christmas and the girls’ January birthdays seem a long way in the past. The sledge has been hanging up in the garage for months now, but there is snow on the ground today. Silly, half-hail stones not-much-fun-snow. Over the last few chilly weeks I have been mulling over lots of ideas and plans for the blog, for me, for t-shirts. I’ve been reading other blogs and looking at lovely photos and trying to get my blog to look the way I want it to. (I’m not there quite yet, but it’s getting closer.) I’ve done that thing where you look at so many lovely things, and binge on so much beautiful design that you start to freak out that there’s no point trying to do anything, because everything that is nice already exists.

So now I have a head full of ideas, which is great, and I’m really excited about the tiny proportion of them that might actually make it to being reality. The problem with having ideas is knowing what to do with them, I find.  And also, with a head full of ideas, sometimes other important information falls out. Like, the times I am supposed to be meeting up with other people, and what I am meant to be cooking for tea. And where anything is, in the house. I spent a whole ten minutes yesterday looking for a pile of quite important filing, which I found eventually stowed under a big green cushion, on a chair. I’m not sure why it was there.

Basically, I’m doing some brain-composting. Hopefully some good ideas will emerge ready to spring into action at some point. But in the meantime; look at these beautiful dresses I got down from the loft.

They were handmade in the 1970s by Rich’s Nanna, for his two sisters. (Now somewhat bafflingly known as Auntie Shiny and Auntie Weezer .) They are just beautiful. They’ve made my day.



4 thoughts on “Spring – and the danger of OD-ing on nice ideas

  1. Gorgeous dresses. I had one in blue which my mum made in about 1966. I thought she was very clever. She made me a rag doll too that was the same height as me – I think that was a fashionable thing to do then too. If you would like a sounding board for your ideas one day, come over for a cup of tea and we could make a spider diagram with coloured pencils. x

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