The Mini Chedders of Cbeebies

Very soon (like, next Monday – mark the date people!) I will be shamelessly plugging our new design t-shirts. Until then, I shall be spending the rest of what has been a very exhausting half term unwinding and lazing on the sofa whilst my three angelic children waft gently around me….wait, no that is very unlikely. But after a very hectic, lovely week with friends and family even adrenaline junkies like my three need some down-time. And whilst we do a spot of mild lounging, we shall be watching our newest Cbeebies favourite ‘Sarah & Duck‘. I can wholeheartedly recommend it, and that cannot be said for all of Cbeebies’ output (we’ve clocked up a fair few hours over the last 6-ish years. Not all of it enjoyable. Postman Pat Special Delivery Service is now strictly verboten in this house, due to the dumbfounding stupidity of most of its plot-lines.) Sarah&Duck is beautifully designed, cleverly narrated and crucially;  not too earnest. The perfect 7 minute television snack. A sort of animated version of a small bag of mini-chedders, if you will.


We probably would have watched it anyway, because it looks so fab, but it’s extra special because my lovely friend Lois’ brother is one of the animators, and so she has been excited about it for months. We’ve just watched the cake bake episode, and had to watch it twice, and then re-wind for another listen of the cake talking. Even the very-grown-up-now 7 year old loved it! Great stuff.



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