Day of the Dragonfly

This is a mini-blog (blogette? babyblog?) in celebration of the very fine work of a good friend of mine; Lloyd. Some people are just quietly brilliant, and would never dream of shouting about it. I’m sort of doing the shouting on behalf of him here. I’m quite good at shouting, as it happens.


This is Lloyd. And his t-shirt. And his pipe. (Mostly just a prop, I think.) A while ago, Lloyd designed these dragonfly t-shirts in a nice yellow/navy combination, and we just loved them. Lloyd lives in the countryside near Bedford and is a stay-at-home-dad as well as a graphic designer / drayman for local micro-brewery White Park / editor of brilliant music Fanzine Phaff & Potter. I think that’s possibly the best job description I’ve ever come across.

Lloyd has done some excellent designs for us in the past, but these t-shirts are for one of his little sidelines: louie louie t-shirts.


If you’d like to buy one, and I suggest you do, as they are rather Chris Packham-esque – and who wouldn’t want to emulate Chris ‘I’m quite attractive, very enthusiastic AND I care about wildlife too’ Packham – you can do so here. They come in adult and childrens’ sizes, meaning that you could have a father-daughter/ father-son combo.

When he is not designing t-shirts / pritt-sticking musical satire/delivering beer/looking after his girls, Lloyd can be found defacing the work of Grand Masters:


Brilliant, eh?

I need to update our much-neglected (by me as much as by customers) Folksy shop. Folksy is a brilliant website – if you haven’t had a browse, go ahead. You are almost guaranteed to find  some hand-knitted cat-shaped tea cosy, or rude-message cross -stitch samplers, or a nice bit of interesting jewellery; or something else you had no idea you needed in your life until you have seen it, from which point life seems to be impossible without it.  I love that kind of stuff. Things I have bought from Folksy in the past have included a Cafetiere cardigan (!) an Eiffel tower brooch and a selection of photos someone had taken and made into postcards. Just random lovely things that you might not otherwise stumble across. I’ll update it this week and in the process try and share some of the cool stuff I’ll no doubt be distracted by…

On a final, Sunday night note: thanks very much to everyone who read my blog about the Where’s Wally Fun Run and have sponsored me. I’m really grateful, as the National Literacy Trust  is such a great cause to run (stagger) for.  I can report that I am officially in training, and have therefore downgraded my morning butter and jam on toast to just butter as a nod to making me slightly less hefty to drag around, and have been out huffing, puffing and generally sounding like Darth Vader to ensure that I can at least complete the course without a major health issues. Bring on the fun, and with a little less enthusiasm, the run!


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