Under House Arrest

Despite my best efforts, this week is clearly going to be one of those weeks. One where I spend an inordinate amount of time watching Cbeebies and dispensing calpol, and flitting about the house, finding annoying little jobs to do but achieving very little.  The eldest is poorly now, and I shouldn’t complain really, as she is not much trouble.  Now she can read whole books to herself, she mostly just lies on the sofa and reads, watches DVDs and asks for a drink now and then. It’s hardly high-maintenance nursing. Plus, the house is cleaner than it would usually be, due to my enforced time inside, in particular spending time looking out of the filthy front window when the sun finally put in an appearance.

“Ooooh look, the sun’s coming out….AAAARRGH! Why am I not the kind of person who cleans windows more than once a year??!”

And my absent-minded googling has led me to discover that it is National Storytelling Week at the moment, so I am celebrating by starting to read the first Harry Potter book to Polly,  a treat (certainly for me) that I have been looking forward to for some time. I also took the time to find this little treat on youtube: David Tennant reading a great book – Emily Brown and the Elephant Emergency by Cressida Cowell and Neal Layton. It’s the next best thing to having Dr ‘Converse’ Who turning up in the flesh to read the kids a bedtime story.  (“Mummy, go away and stop stroking the man. He’s trying to read…”)

I should point out that although the book features ‘Matilda’s mummy’ – I am in no way like that  Matilda’s mummy. My Matilda would be most annoyed if I kept calling her on the emergency telephone. She likes to keep her princess phone free for calls to royalty, hairdressers and friends.


In other news: I have been making more cake stands from recycled plates. The label says ‘Eat Me’, but quite obviously, it refers to the cakes (I don’t have a surplus to use for display purposes, sorry!) and not the stand. Crunch.



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