Happy Birthday Blog!

A year ago yesterday, I wrote my first blog post. So my little blog is now a year old! Is this an excuse for cake? I reckon so. Hell, perhaps even a bottle of ohmygod-I-paid-over-a-fiver-for-it vino! (I do not do fizz. In that way, I am remarkably like a hedgehog.) It has been so much fun writing about the adventures, mis-adventures, and all the rest of it that I’ve waffled on about over the last year. And I do fully intend to carry on with it. WordPress tells me that I have readers in 58 countries, which is marvellously exciting (and baffling – to be honest I think I might struggle to name 58 countries.) Germans seem especially fond of it – and to you guys I say Veilen dank! Sehr sehr much. To people who read, comment on and share it – thank you so much. To my lovely friends who have been very encouraging and excited about it – YAYAYAY – shall we go for a drink to celebrate?! A blog-anniversary party is so deliciously 2013. To the one person who arrived at my blog having searched for Zara shoes, I apologize. (But I will congratulate you on your excellent  taste in shoes, lady! – or man?) Right, that’s the Oscars speech over.


I wish!

I could blather on for quite some time (believe me!) on what I hope to achieve this year, but  reading this is not meant to be an endurance test. Here’s a cheery little list of what may or may not be coming up over the next year:

1. I will make a Death Star – Star Wars themed bookshelf-based thing for Will, to even up the Sindy house thing. It’s all gone a bit Blue Peter here.

2. Two new t-shirt designs are in the offing. They will happen. I am excited! Spring time, new life, new growth – new t-shirts.

3. I need to get better at promoting and marketing our products. I also need to abandon the idea that wearing a sandwich board or dressing in a comedy costume, standing in public places with a megaphone counts as promoting. I know it doesn’t, but frankly that is what I picture whenever someone says ‘you just need to get your brand out there!’

4. I need a brand.

5. I want to write more about what it actually means to be a mum, at home, trying to balance some work, three children, being vaguely creative and keeping a sort-of-life. And not a domestic-goddess, good-at-keeping-her-patience mum. Because I am sarcastic and a bit selfish and generally very un-domesticated, and I couldn’t possibly fake it. It might be nice for people who are also not domestic goddesses/gods to read. If I wasn’t writing it, I’d be looking for something similar to read. I had to lie down in a darkened room for a while when I first started reading mummy-blogs. There was far too much earnestness and instagrammed perfection. Family life is lovely, don’t get me wrong. And I consider myself very lucky. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not bloody hard work, or that I don’t feel the urge to be sarcastic about it.

6. On a personal level, I’d like to improve my ice-skating skillz and remember to get my fringe cut more often.

There are loads of other ideas and projects I want to do too. But obviously I can’t write about them all here, otherwise there’d be no point blogging about them! So, thank you once again for reading – I love you all, daaaahrlings! Seriously, I should have got myself a posh frock and a load of diamonds to wear whilst writing this….


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Blog!

  1. Congratulations on a year of brilliantly funny writing. Long may it continue. And yes please to more t shirts – my biggest girl loves her stripy roller skate one, so I think the other two would like their own versions as well. (Any chance of elephants featuring for the elephant obsessed middle girl…?!)

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