Shiny and New

How do you like the new look so far? I have more changes planned, but as yet they have amounted to lots of umming, ahhhing and general procrastination, but very little actual decision making. So I thought I’d try out the first stage, otherwise it will be mid-March before anything gets off the ground. I realise that the blog title might a bit hard to read, all in joined up writing – although my seven year old would be most pleased – but you’ll just have to live with that I’m afraid, because I liked the main font (which is of crucial importance to me) and the colours.

The first post on the face-lifted (and I mean that in a fun way, not in a creepy, Hollywood way) blog will be all about BOOKS. I am so excited when I find a really good book, for me or for the children – and sometimes all of us -that I just can’t be cool about it. I have to share. It’s like a compulsion.

For Christmas, my youngest was given another book by Julia Donaldson (of Gruffalo super-fame, also the Childrens’ Laureate) to add to our burgeoning collection. This, though, is Tilly’s favourite so far:

Paper Dolls


It’s a wonderful story (and is beautifully illustrated by Rebecca Cobb) about a little girl and her adventures with her paper dolls, including Flo with the bow, Jacky the backy,  and Jim with two noses. A lovely story, and a great big poke towards some simple crafting with the kids. It certainly inspired us to make some paper dolls of our own. And before you go thinking that is a bit of a girl-exclusive, Will and Richard made some storm trooper versions. But there is a wealth of paper doll variation out there, should you choose to look/google. I spotted this very nice Thom Yorke doll, for cool and aloof crafters.


And speaking of storm troopers (which these days I often am,) Will has been most excited by his gift from Grandma and Grandad of a set of these excellent Star Wars reading books:


Now he is at the point where he’d like to read for himself a bit more, and is less enamoured with the adventures of Biff, Chip, Kipper and the gang, these are perfect. Not too many tricky words and full of information about stuff he is actually interested in. The history of the Empire, Jabba the Hutt, and Anakin’s back story, naturally. He may trip over words like ‘which’ or ‘because’, but he can read Emperor Palpatine without flinching.

And as for the newly seven year old girl, we chose a set of the Moomin books. They are very different to her current books of choice (The Magic Pony/Unicorn/Kitten/Bunny or Roald Dahl) but they are magical stories and the pictures are just something else.

Because even when you are an ever so grown up seven year old and like to read to yourself, lovely pictures are VERY important.



3 thoughts on “Shiny and New

  1. Ah, haven’t come across that particular Julia Donaldson book, and here was I thinking we had them all! My son’s still addicted to The Troll and Tyrannosaurus Drip and I know most of the words to The Highway Rat off by heart. The Stick Man still makes me cry every time I read it, too. I find my kids like all kinds of books that I find horrible to read (Bronty’s Bathtime, I am looking at you), but I always steer them towards the ones I love to read, because they are clever, scan well and provide lots of opportunities for doing silly voices along the way.

    Fox in Socks is hard to beat (try saying the Tweetle Beetles section when you’re a bit tired and emotional … epic!) and Monkey and Me by Emily Gravett is lovely too. On the Scandinavian writers theme, Ellen’s currently having Pippi Longstocking read to her at bedtime, and I was a big fan of the Mrs Pepperpot stories as a child – is that where they nicked the idea for Grandpa in My Pocket from, come to think of it?

    • Oooh, we love Tyrannosaurus Drip, and actually bought Mrs Pepperpot as well for Christmas (that was one of my favourites too, and in my opinion, better than Grandpa in my pocket.) Pippi Longstocking is possibly my favourite childrens’ book of all time, I bought the Lauren Child illustrated one a few years ago. Polly can’t get over the fact that she sleeps upside down and has a pet monkey. I’ll have to look out Monkey and Me, sounds good!

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