The eighth day of Christmas

Food. Christmas food. That’s quite important, right? And now is a good time to buy Christmas food, with not-very-many-at-all days left before the family V food contest. If you want to avoid pre-Christmas-supermarket hell (and who doesn’t, frankly,) you could do it the nice way and head off into town for some Christmas shopping. I still get traumatic flashbacks to an experience a few years ago in Tescos on Christmas Eve. People were shopping like it was the Apocalypse that was coming, rather than just ONE day where supermarkets would be closed. Never again, I sobbed into a bashed-up box of mince pies whilst pensioners ran over my toes with their laden trollies.

Castle Road is a great place to start Chrsitmas food shopping. The Italian Deli – Foods of Italy – on Bower Street has recently had a beautiful makeover and is bigger and better than ever. They serve the very best olives, salami, pizza dough, sandwiches, pasta dishes and stock loads of goodies like pannatone and Italian biscuits.

Further up Castle road there is Andaluz, which deserves a special mention for the incredible sherry range they have available. Harris Butchers – best steak EVER, but also great sausages, bacon, free range eggs and a nice range of chutneys, the Cheese Kitchen for, ah, cheese, obviously, but also bread, wine, jam, oatcakes, and lots of other lovely stuff.


Sherry: not just for Grannies!

The Blue Glass on St Cuthbert’s Street can sort out all of your liquid refreshment-needs, and Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Lingers Butchers.


Just mentally add the Father Christmas costume.

As I’ve been typing this, I’ve just thought – someone should create a Bedford Christmas Hamper! That would be great! We’ll be making our own this year as we found a hamper in Bargain Alley in Castle Road earlier in the year – which is brilliant, and has room for three wine bottles for those very boozy picnic occasions. And after visiting all of these lovely places to fill it, I’ll be off to Lidl for my favourite chocolates, those seashell Belgium ones, but for a very Lidl price of £1.99.  *cheap Christmas present alert* !!


Lidl Gifts


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