The seventh day of Christmas

I know it’s getting close to Christmas when I start wanting to punch anyone who utters the phrase ‘perfect Christmas’. This in not related in any way to the following blog, it is just an observation. But don’t worry. I am a very poor puncher. No one would ever get hurt.


So anyway, I had a problem this year, about what to buy for my Dad. I’ve given him jumpers for the last, oh, ten years, and as my Dad is a very careful jumper-wearer, he still has all of these jumpers. To have an eleventh would be bordering on hoarding. (Which is a pleasing semi -rhyme in itself.)  So I needed something else to give him. Dad is not in any way demanding, present-wise, (luckily) and would be happy with a big bag of nails/screws/bolts from Goldings, but he is a nice Dad, so I like to at least make an effort, and anyway he has quite enough jars of nails/screws/bolts.  So this year, I came up with the masterful plan of buying Dad some local art. It didn’t have to be local, obviously, but  David Litchfield’s wonderful drawings were on display at the Calzone restaurant the other day, and I thought one of those would be perfect. David Litchfield is a local up-and-coming illustrator who has worked on various local projects, including The Bedford Clanger and the School of Us Cycle-powered Cinema. Most recently David has collaborated with No Loss  and Dumbstruck! Productions to create a brilliant adaptation of childrens’ classic Where the Wild Things Are at the Place Theatre, which is on until Christmas Eve. You can buy limited-edition prints of some of his work on his website here. All classics.

Guide to an Escape

For other local Art, visit Frescoes on Mill Street (who have work from local artists displayed around the coffee shop,) The Art Centre, or Eagle Gallery. The local and talented group of artists known as the Circus of Illustration have work for sale at The Place Theatre and Pensieri.

Buying local art means that you are directly supporting local talent, as well as the outlets you buy from. And you are getting something original and beautiful that will hopefully be hanging on your/their wall for a long time. Total win-win. I am going to have to buy a Litchfield just for me now though. Or maybe Dad’ll get a jumper this year after all…


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