The mysteriously absent fifth day of Christmas

In my hurry to catch up with my days of Christmas blogs, which essentially only amounts counting to 12, I seem to have forgotten the Fifth day of Christmas. Which is funny, because I always forget the other verses of the song, but 5 gold rings is the bit that everyone can always recall. It is also slightly worrying. I’d really like to think that I could reliably count to twelve.

Image Anyway, on with the blingiest day of Christmas.The arrival of three children in my life mysteriously co-incided with a sudden hit to my jewellery collection. First to go were the earrings after a particularly grabby eldest daughter had a go at some dangly Chrsitmas tree ones and gave me ear-slitting-paranoia. Then the boy who liked to put everything in his mouth chewed most of my necklaces to pieces, and the ones he didn’t chew, he pulled off whilst feeding. (!) Then the second daughter, who is essentially a magpie, arrived and snaffled the remaining bits of sparkle. 


I’ve done quite a lot of jewellery shopping this year to make up for the past few years’ of losses. I’ve mentioned epanoiu on here before, but I should also mention that epanoiu jewellery is available in Pensieri, which I can also reliably inform you does the best hot chocolate possible. Marshmallows, cream, AND a chunk of rocky road. Not for the feint hearted (nor the diabetic,) but hardcore chocolate fans: do it. 

Pensieri has a great range of jewellery alongside the epanoui range, it’s well worth a browse. 

Other places in Bedford that are worth a nose about for jewellery include Accessorize, (obvs) Charisma in the (posh) Arcade, and Planet Clothing (also of the posh arcade.) Planet Clothing, as well as stocking a lovely range of chunky jewellery, White Stuff, Fly boots and a Superdry cardigan (which I am lusting after because of its likeness to the one Lund wears in The Killing) also is running a gift list system this year. So you can go in, browse, fall in love with something you’d like to find under the tree, and note it down on a little card – it’s a reassuringly analogue system – and then tell  whoever it is in your life who wants to buy something for you for Christmas but may lack, ah, direction to go in, and look for the card with your name on. Easy-peasy. Or maybe this is for people who are just very specific with their gift requirements. Whatevs. It’s genius. Blossom Lingerie, further down the arcade, runs the same scheme. Which is handy, as you can include your size: this is clearly massively helpful in the minefield that is lingerie shopping.


White Stuff: available at Planet Clothing. Along with sparkly stuff.

There’s still time to order online though, and this year I have discovered the best folksy shop for jewellery ever: Kayleigh o’ Mara

Example of her brilliance:



Beautiful, inexpensive and very, very cool. 


There we are. Confusingly, the actual seventh day of Christmas is up later (buying local art!) And then, fingers crossed, I can manage to count to 12. Good grief.


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