The FOURTH day of Christmas….

Yes yes, I’ve got a bit behind. Over the weekend I managed to some down with some sort of non-specific coldy/fluey thing which rendered me insensible AND unable to blog. I did manage to go cash-mobbing and sherry-tasting before I gave up, so I shall stop complaining right now. On with the festive blogging! (I’ll attempt a catch up later. Prepare yourselves for a festive-blog assault.)

This is really just a link to something very cool. There really is very little one can say about these hats, other than just to advocate wearing one.

Beard Hat

Viking beard-hat

You should visit the awesome website for more. I think these might be the answer for some of those tricky man-gifts that are required at this time of year, perhaps an alternative to a Christmas jumper (sacrilege  to suggest such a thing!)

Santa Beard Hat

Seeing as I was trying to make this a shop local blog – and although these hats are clearly an invention of notable genius, they are not available locally – I will use the next two catch-up blogs today to advocate more local shopping. But I couldn’t ignore a hat that comes with a built-in ‘tache. Just wouldn’t have been right.


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