The Third day of Christmas….

Hold the (word)press! I have just stumbled across something so unbelievably cool, it has almost blown my tiny mind. Luckily, it hasn’t quite managed, and so I am able to type the following sentence:

I have found some beautiful gift wrap and tags to make your Christmas presents look amazing, that you can download, and print, for free. That is really brilliant, right, or have I just exposed myself as having no life whatsoever? Can’t decide.

As mentioned before, I feel that gift wrapping is of tip-top importance at Christmas. And so, I give you the following links out of the kindness of my heart. And if you like the idea as much as I do (well, someone might!) please share my blog link; on your facebook page, via twitter, in your Christmas cards. It’s a very sharing time of year.


You can download these beautiful ones from LovevsDesign

These bright and beautiful ones are from the gorgeous eat drink chic


And these are from shimtokk



You can download them, print them, and wrap your locally-bought lovely gift up to look really special. And then thank me by sharing my blog. (Other thank you gifts accepted include wine, chocolate and offers of childcare, just for your reference.)

Four calling birds tomorrow. Let’s hope they don’t start calling ridiculously early. I need my Saturday lie-in after all this gift-wrap excitement!


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