On the Second Day of Christmas

If anyone really does want to purchase two turtle doves – magicians, perhaps? – I am not sure where you can get them from, but you could head down to Willington Dove Cote and ask around. For many other non-turtle-dove needs, Bedford may well have the answer. On the back of the splendid postcard that I mentioned yesterday, there was a small but important fact. If we all spent just £5 in one of Bedford’s Independent Shops it would result in £375,000* going straight into the local economy. What a great Christmas present that would be for Bedford. (There really is a first time for everything, it seems, even including an entire town on your Christmas present list.) And there is no shortage of lovely places to shop.

*Based on an adult population of 75,000

Little a Lot

The wonderful Kayte Judge, who comes up with bright ideas with rather alarming frequency, has recently introduced the brilliant ‘cash-mobbing’ movement to Bedford. It is sort of like reverse armed robbery (ish) where a group of people meet with the sole intention of ‘mobbing’ a nominated independent shop in the town centre, spending a fiver in the shop and leaving a postcard with some feedback on for the owner. There are spin off events afterwards, with coffee-and-cake mobbing at independent coffee shops. And exclusive to Cash Mob Christmas Edition, which takes place on Saturday at 1.30pm – meet at the silver faces in Silver Street – there are offers for all cash mobbers for deals at The Lane and Baja, and a chance to win cineworld tickets! A fiver spent in town really does go a long way! More information on the Cash Mobbing event can be found on the facebook page here.  And if you want to read about the first ever Bedford Cash Mob, and how happy it made the staff at Rose Tinted Vintage, you can read about it on their blog.


If you don’t fancy the cash-mobbing malarky but still want to spend a fiver or more in one of Bedford’s beautiful independent shops, why not head to the beautiful arcade and have a nose around Kitchenalia, Charisma, Planet Clothing or the King of all sweet shops, Arcadia. I’m pretty sure that penny sweets offer the best return, quantity-wise at least, on spending £5 in town. I am reliably informed that it supplies Father Christmas with stocking-sweets, and you can’t beat that as a recommendation.

So tomorrow is the third day of Christmas, and the true love who just keeps on giving is rumoured to be turning up with three French hens. Useful. I just hope he managed to get them through customs. The French are notoriously tricksy about hen-exports.


2 thoughts on “On the Second Day of Christmas

  1. I live in Bedford, shop in Bedford, but the first time I have heard about this so-called “craze” is today on BBC Look East. Why if it is such a good idea has nobody in my family heard about it?

    • I guess it just takes a bit of time for word to get round about things like cash mobbing. We’re very lucky in Bedford to have people who want to organise stuff like this, but it’s all volunteer run, so no money for promotion.There’s another one coming up in 9th Febuary at 12pm, meeting at the Silver Faces in Silver Street. Come along! Alice

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