The Return of the Barbie debate.

I wrote a post on here recently, about Barbie Dolls. To cut a long rant short, I think they might be a bit sexy to give to young girls, but girls like them, and there’s not much alternative. I had started writing a follow-up post, about Barbie-alternatives, and also about  ‘responsible shopping’ but I was half-way through writing it when I cam across a really, really cool thing. And I got very excited. So I ordered said cool thing, and rubbed my little hands together in glee, awaiting delivery. I was thinking of the lovely photos I could put up of this thing. And then, today, I saw that someone had blogged about it somewhere else. Somewhere a bit better connected than the adventures of Sarah and Alice. And I though ‘dammit.’ And then ‘stuff the photos, just write about it.’

So. For all of you with little girls who like playing with dolls, who perhaps aren’t entirely comfortable with buying a blonde, mini-skirted, stiletto-wearing, double D doll, for your daughter, take a look at Lottie.

She’s great, right? For a start, she looks like a five year old. And her clothes are not exclusively pink. (I bet anyone who has met me can guess my favourite Lottie doll, just from the outfit…)  And she is not wearing stilettos. And, it has endeared her to me greatly that her creator has described her as having ‘chunky thighs.’

Lottie is available in the UK from Amazon. Which, as part of my original blog, I was going to suggest boycotting, because of their tax policies (i.e, not paying any.) Luckily, although Lottie is available through Amazon, she is made by an Independent British company, based in London, called Arklu. You can read about them on their lovely website here

So, although you have to buy through Amazon, you are actually supporting an Independent business, with a great ethos. Sometimes, a bit of necessary evil goes a long way. It would be lovely to think that Independent businesses could make enough just selling through their own websites. But although I am a bit of a ‘head in the clouds’ kind of person, working hard selling childrenswear for the last two years has introduced me to such realism.

I promise I will write the rest of my no-doubt fascinating blog about responsible Christmas shopping. Or I might just go and have a sherry.


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