The tale of the Stripes and the Gambler.

I am a terrible gambler. I pick a Grand National horse each year based purely on name (they never win,) I get addicted to 2p machines on seaside holidays and I once won a line at Bingo but was too shy to go up and claim my (£3) prize. I’ve only won one raffle in the last 15 years, and that was at a school pamper night, right in the middle of a manicure. My daughter was new to the school, so I had decided to try and get to know some of the other mums by going to a pamper night. I was just having the final coat applied, when I heard my name being called. I was quite a long way from the raffle and had to do an undignified sort of running through the school hall, past lots of people I didn’t really know -with no shoes and socks on, as I was due to have a pedicure – my varnish-y hands outstretched like a zombie in order to collect what turned out to be a wonderful ‘pamper hamper’ of goodies. But since then, zilch. I played the lottery for a while with my friend Lois, but I spent most of that time in a state of paranoia that I would forget to buy a ticket when it was my turn and our numbers would come up. We won a tenner once, I think.

But it is Christmas. And we’ve had some ideas for t-shirts kicking about for ages, and haven’t got around to printing them. We’ve both been busy lately, and preoccupied, and to be honest, a bit worried about printing t-shirts. Just in case, you know. Just in case they weren’t good enough. Just in case people didn’t like them. Just in case they ended up sitting in a corner of my living room. Basically, we got The Fear. If you don’t have much money to gamble with, it quite often feels like a silly thing to do. Much more sensible to put the money in the bank and save it. But then, two weeks ago, I got a bit bored of The Fear, and remembered that in order to get an idea off the ground, you need to actually do it. It might fail, it might, actually, turn out to be a rubbish idea; but you’ll never know if you don’t try. Sometimes you really do have to take a gamble.

So in a typical last-minute rush (some things never change) I arranged to re-print our retro-rollerskate design on some beautiful stripey t-shirts. I was guessing at the result, I’m actually quite bad at visualizing stuff, which is annoying, but I do love stripes, and I love the rollerskate design. So I made a wild guess that a combination of the two would be good. And here is the result.


I really, really like it. So does Sarah. But ultimately, we are not making t-shirts for us, we are making t-shirts for other people to buy. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, right? Well don’t eat this t-shirt, but if you have a little girl who likes to rollerskate, do think of buying it. Hell, do actually buy it! Try here. Our Folksy shop is woefully under-used:

And for parents of boys: don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten you. We’re re-printing our best-selling BMX design on black and white stripes THIS WEEK! We also have two other new designs, which I shall update you/blather on about in my next blog post this week. (Two in one week?? Blog posts are the new buses.)


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