I’ve always had a soft spot for armadillos (armadilli?? – please let this be the plural!), ever since my mum and dad used to read me and my sister a book called ‘But not the Hippopotamus’ – you can read an excellent summary of the book on this lovely blog here- it’s a classic, basically, and every page ends with the phrase  ‘but not the armadillo’. Long after we had forgotten the story, we still chanted ‘but not the armadillo’ at random intervals throughout childhood. You can imagine my delight (well, you can if you like, that’s not mandatory,) when I discovered a book for children called Milo Armadillo, featuring a knitted armadillo who has an inferiority complex because he is not the pink rabbit his owner had been dreaming of.  Ah, we’ve all been there, or thereabouts.

Anyway, I fell in love with the book partly because it is a lovely story, partly because I love the illustrations, and partly because you can get the knitting pattern. That’s right, you can make your very own Milo. Or, if like me, you need a knitted armadillo in your life – one of those unfulfilled desires you never realized you had – but you cannot knit to save your life, you ask someone to knit one for you.

Here’s the pattern for anyone handy with the needles and an armadillo-shaped hole in their life:  Milo

The other knitted thing I require from a book is the boy’s bobble hat from Oliver Jeffers’ masterpiece ‘Lost and Found’.
Anyone feeling a bobble-hat project coming on??


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