The mini label fable

I would just like to point out that we don’t condone plagiarism. I like to think this is inspiration, not copying.  I have recently noticed a few clothing brands who are doing something new and cool with labelling. They have their big label in the back of the item of clothing, with their name on, and then underneath they sew in a school name label type thing, which says something about their brand. Something fun (depending heavily on your idea of fun. I like this kind of thing.) I saw this in a few pieces of clothing (mentioning no names, I don’t want to anger any international lawyers again,) and thought, well, this is something we could do. We’re in the midst of working on our main label, which demands some mature, well thought out decisions.  But the school name label thingy? Well that’s an easy, fun decision. So I made it. And here they are:

I LOVE them. And I can’t wait to have some sewn in to the back of our t-shirts, along with the proper label. And yes, the writing is pink. I couldn’t resist. We are freeing pink from its girly shackles (ooooh la la!) and boldly persuing the ‘pink as unisex colour’ agenda, illustrated here by this (not uneasy on the eye) young chap. . .

Or, as this guy says:

He also probably has a t-shirt which reads:

‘It’s not a beard. It’s a slight shaving error.’


One thought on “The mini label fable

  1. All lovely – I’m right behind you, have been showing my t-shirt ‘range’ to friends who all love them and directing them to the website so hope they are shopping!! Well done with the labels – fab idea! x

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