Getting a bit lost…

Sometimes, working for yourselves is trickier than it sounds. We’re the bosses, right, so that should be easy? No faffing about with trying to work to other people’s deadlines; we set our own timetable! No ‘making awkward conversation around the water cooler’ debacle – the closest thing we have to a water cooler is the fridge, and mostly the only people hanging round the fridge are our children, with whom it is necessary to make interesting, if sometimes annoying, conversation most of the time anyway. And they never watch The Apprentice, so it doesn’t matter if you miss an episode. You can catch up on the latest Scooby-Doo gossip though, if anyone is interested.

But sometimes working for yourself is a bit like looking at a map, if you are crap at map reading. Which I am. We can see where we are,  we can see where we want to be, but  we can’t quite work out the best way to get there. It’s all a bit squiggly and complicated. We’d head down the motorway straight to success-ville, but that is the expensive way, and we can’t. (There’s like, a road toll, or something. This analogy may have run out of road…)

And days like this, I just feel like I’m wandering about, banging my head against brick walls I hadn’t seen coming. So we’ve found a nicely cut, fairtrade t-shirt for our new girly design, but in the wrong colour. We’ve found some great alternatives, none of which are fair-trade, at least two of which are almost certainly sweat-shop produced by children, which is depressing in all manner of ways. We want to stick to our principles, so we turn them down. I have another sample sent, and ‘soft pink’ turns out to be ‘bubblegum pink’, which is hideous, though no doubt a high proportion of our younger customers might disagree. But we do not want to further the cause of bubblegum pink, so we turn it down.

Back to the drawing board (kitchen table) then. We will sort it out, in the end. We WILL make some awesome girly t’s  that do not take the Barbie aisle of Toys R Us as their colour inspiration.  And I will learn to map-read, literally as well as metaphorically. It would make going on holiday a lot easier…


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