People do business with… (wait for it) people!

‘People do business with people‘ is one of those business cliches that although true, sounds very annoying when people say it. Well of course people do business with people. You’re hardly likely to strike up a business deal with a hamster, are you? Or trade with goldfish, or a yoghurt pot, or…you get my point. What the very annoying thing means is that you can have the best website (you can, we don’t,), best products or the best prices, but essentially people want to buy from people that they trust, and people they can relate to.  It’s why we like taking our stall to events. We get to meet people properly (‘face to face customer interaction’, as it’s called, although that always sounds a bit confrontational to me. Exactly how close should our faces be?! ) We get to chat to them about our products and to gauge what they think of them. We’ve got to know our customers as actual people, rather than account numbers, which is great. We’re really lucky to have a good relationship with the people who supply us and make for us too. One of them is a lovely and very talented lady called Pippa, who has done some sewing for us recently as well as making her own bags and bunting. And this awesome pinafore dress is her work:


Pippa, I salute you! What a dress.


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