Shirt tales…

We are alarmingly excited about our t-shirts this week. Really, it is quite worrying. On Thursday, having sent the finalized artwork to our t-shirt printer,  we had a very excited, shouty phone converation celebrating our mutual t-shirt obsession where we pretty much literally whooped with joy, which sort of indicates that we both might need to get out a little bit more… and I’m hoping that they turn out to be as great as we imagine they might.

I’m also hoping that this is the first time that I can put them on sale for £10 each without apologizing.  No, it’s not cheap, and yes, you can buy t-shirts elsewhere for less. But here’s some reasons that we think they’re worth paying a bit extra for:

  • They are made from 100% African cotton, which makes them soft, and means that they wash better than thinner cotton t-shirts.
  • They are made in a fair-trade factory in Africa, which means that the workers who made them were paid a decent wage and given access to proper healthcare.
  • The baby t-shirts are made from organic cotton, which means they were produced without the use of  harmful chemicals.
  • The designs are all original. You won’t find them in the likes of Tescos or Next. We know our designers, and supporting them, even in a tiny way, is supporting small creative industry.
  • They are printed  locally. We’re really pleased to be able to support a small, family-run local printing business – and they do a great job, it’s not like it’s just a charitable gesture!
  • We are not a supermarket. Enough said.

This latest trio (I could say ‘latest collection’, but then I would have to slap myself in the face for pretentiousness. There’s three designs. I guess I could say ‘capsule collection’, but that always makes me think of the Blue Peter time capsule, which is not the right direction…) of t-shirts is aimed mostly at boys, due to the fairly dull and unimaginative range of boy-wear available.

Girls get all matter of pretty things designed for them (not just by us, either!) and boys need cool, too. The baby t-shirts are unisex, and we are sure they will look as cute on the little chaps as they will on the girls. Some girly t-shirts will follow, but we thought it was the Time of the Boys right now.

So come and find us at the Castle Quarter Festival on Monday, in the Topps Tiles building. I’ll be the one boring the pants off  (not literally, one hopes,) passers-by with t-shirt tales.





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