The trouble with Pink….

Pink, as a colour, has become a bit of a political thing in the world of parenting. There is too much pink, everyone agrees. Whole aisles in toy shops with a rosy glow of neon pink. Girls are pushed into pink by companies eager to market their products directly to the little girls who demand everything be sprayed in shades of the stuff. I agree with this anti-pink stance, mostly. There is simply no need for the Early Learning Centre (yup, I do feel the need to name and shame!) to create a garage in blue for the boys, and the very same product in pink, for the girls, who presumably might keel over if they have to push a car down a ramp that is (shudder) blue. Our girls have always enjoyed playing with cars, and trains, and have never demanded that I swap them for pink ones. They are toys, and so they are fun because  you can play with them, it doesn’t matter if they are the ‘wrong’ colour. I have made a conscious  effort to avoid buying the girls a wardrobe full of pink. I go out of my way to find things that are blue, green, orange or purple. We avoid Barbie-pink toys wherever possible. Neither of them have too much of an attraction to pink, although occasionally war does break out over who gets the pink cup and plate at tea time.

But here’s the thing: I like pink. I really do. I like dusky pink, rosy pink, I even like hot pink, in moderation. Pink looks awesome with brown, gorgeous with white, and is a flattering colour on most people, including boys! I don’t think we need to ban girls from pink, I think we need to reclaim it as a nice colour for everyone, and not instate it as a uniform for the pre-teen girls of the world.  And perhaps boycott the pink garage.


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