The sudden brilliance of skype

So Sarah and I are learning to work in two separate places; which is interesting, if a bit more of a challenge. Most phone conversations go like this:

‘I know this is a stupid time to call, but there’s something quite important…’

(lots of shouting)

‘Hang on, one of the children is on the table waving a stick. What was that about business cards?’

(lots of shuffling)

‘Never mind, one of mine is about to smear lip balm on my shoe. We’ll talk later.’

And yet – and yet, the mini-phonecall is one of our best ways of working.  As Lola (of Charlie and Lola, one of my all time favourite characters in literature. And YES, it is literature! ) says ‘I like to talk on the telephone, it’s more friendly and straightaway.’ A quick confirmation that something is a great idea, or conversely that something else is indeed a really, really rubbish idea. I love the phone for this. It’s just that with small children running about during the day, it’s not always the best way. So on Wednesday morning, with both the girls out at preschool, we held our very first Sarah&Alice skype conference. (No refreshments were provided, which by my calculations makes it a pretty poor conference, but we’ll have to rectify that for next week. ) And we made decisions! We planned stuff to do for the Summer! We chose fabric! And Sarah’s doorbell rang, and she was quizzed about her spiritual allegiances by some Jehovah’s Witnesses whilst we were online, although I think we might skip that bit next time (no offence, witnesses!)

Thank goodness for lovely, free skype! Not, however, the video version (though I’m sure that will come in handy, what with showing off fabrics and clothes, and stuff.) I just have an aversion to looking at a weirdly-angled picture of my face, thinking that it’s looming out of Sarah’s laptop. That’s no treat for her on a Wednesday morning.


Over the seas but not too far away...

And so, exciting things are afoot, and that is not a subtle reference to us moving into footwear. It’s Springtime, the sun is out, and we have ideas! And a LOT of recycled clothes to sell!


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