The thousands of half-drunk cups of tea

I love my children, I really do. I adore their little mannerisms and the way they say unexpected things, in their own beautiful language. I’ve been known to watch them sleep, marvelling at their angelic snoring. But sometimes, I really wish they would go and be adorable elsewhere. It’s lovely being a stay-at-home-mum, and I wouldn’t have it any other way,but when you try to be a stay at home mum and you are also trying to start  a business from home, the whole thing gets a bit, well, tangled.

I’m not really a fan of offices generally, but sometimes I catch myself daydreaming about a desk that is tidy, and not covered in crayons and pencil sharpeners and useless pritt-stick. A filing cabinet, would be nice. An actual pen (not a crayon) that works, and doesn’t write in hot-pink.  It would be good to be able to talk on the phone without a small child bawling in the background, or taking the opportunity to draw on the wall while you are not paying attention. (That’s why we have a neon pink stamp of Hello Kitty on the wall halfway up our stairs, by the way. It’s not because I thought that would make for a nice bit of wall art.) And what would be really nice would be to drink a whole cup of tea. I have mastered many new skills since becoming a mummy – nappies for instance, I can change in under 30 seconds. I can do four things at once. I can make playdough. At a push, I can sing all 5* verses of the wheels on the bus (badly.) And now, a few years in, I have learnt to drink a cup of tea really quickly. Because if you don’t drink it fast, you won’t get more than a few sips. It will be knocked over, or left to go cold whilst you change a nappy/break up a fight/set up a train track. I can’t stand cold tea.  And in the year since we started our business, we have left probably hundreds of cups of tea un-drunk. So, although my ‘office’ is a tiny computer desk in the living room, in my mind I am working from a beautifully minimalist, calm space. With a butler to serve me elegant cups of tea, with saucers. And I’m not building any My Little Pony houses while I’m at it, either.

*I’m not actually sure that there are not more than 5 verses. I could be wrong. And technically, it’s limitless really…


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