The need to be a Superhero

Both Sarah and I have sons aged 4 and 5, and have often commented on the innate desire of little boys to be Super/Spider/Batman without ever having seen a book about them, watched any of the films or anything. They just hit 3, and seemed to require a cape and mask to be close to their person at all times. This co-incided with a need to leap off furniture suddenly with one arm in the air, which is slightly alarming at first, but you get used to it. With this in mind, the first thing that we decided  to make as an original product was a superhero t-shirt, with a removable cape.  We comissioned the very talented Lloyd Lugsden to design a logo for the t-shirt, and found some fabric (black, with stars) to be the cape. The original design had velcro to attatch the cape on to the t-shirt, but this destroyed several of my mum’s sewing machine needles, so we changed this to sew-on poppers. The logo on the front said PogoBoy! after a couple of boys we know who are always jumping. (Why walk when you can bounce?)

The feedback that we got from our first tester was that  the cape was not ‘floaty’ enough, which was clearly a design fault. We started using floaty, silky material edged with red ribbon, which was much more effective when leaping off furniture. PogoBoy was duly tested and loved, and our first original product was born. Ta da! We were very proud. And we still are: now in its 3rd incarnation, the t-shirts are now red, to add to the superpowers of this t-shirt.


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